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i'm lindsay. and i'm an intern.

Today is a very applicable day to me and most of the people I associate with.

Happy Intern Appreciation Day!

I am loving being an intern. I am working on about 8 projects right now and I love the busy times! From traveling to radio promotions to sports sweepstakes, it's so much fun. Speaking of, I had another blog posted today!

Get Amped at Red Rocks!

It talks about our adventure to Red Rocks and how you should hop on a plane and go to Denver! So fun. It also talks about our contest to win 2 tickets to 10 concerts next year. If you live in or around Denver, you should definitely enter at HERE. I submitted the web page too :) Very proud of it and so grateful for an internship that lets me see my work appear before my very eyes!

Paul is doing great as an intern. This week is kind of his "off" week where he isn't on a client but will be back out there next week doing more auditing.

But, as you know, the time of my internship is quickly running out. A month left! I have been contacted for 5 interviews now, which is great news! Unfortunately when they find out I'm not available for immediate hire they tell me to come back in August. Which is a little disappointing but if nothing else comes up, I do have places to go back to and try again. Keeping my eyes out for jobs!

I'm just grateful that my internship does not involve getting coffee, making copies, or ordering food. No matter what happens and where I end up, I love Southwest Airlines and have had the most amazing experience. I hope the rest of it is just as amazing, and I'm sure it will be!

Luv, Lindsay

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