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1310 The Ticket

On Wednesday morning I was up at 1:45. My body woke up all by itself. But it was okay because I had to be at work by 3:30 am. Crazy, right?

In case anyone was wondering, this is what Southwest Airlines Headquarters looks like at 3:30 am.

While there weren't that many people there, I was surprised how many there actually were.

The radio guys showed up around 3:30 to finish their set up and the talent came around 5:20. And the show started at 5:30. That was mind-blowing to me. One of them showed up like 3 minutes before they were supposed to go on the air! Crazy.

1310 The Ticket broadcast their 5:30-10am show, The Musers, from the Flight Ops building at SWA headquarters. It was really cool to see how everything worked with the broadcast and brought back memories of going to the radio station building when my dad had a radio show several years ago.

They interviewed one of our pilots whose name is Kirk.
So, he is literally Captain Kirk. How cool is that?
He did such a great job and the segment was so funny.
They went in the flight simulator and oh wow they went crazy. 
"Cross Check!"
We're on fire!"
"Notify the Flight Attendant!"

Crazy guys. Some of the questions they asked and stuff they talked about was just ridiculous but the pilot handled it so Well!

Great job, Captain.

The simulators are so cool. The machines can move but even if they aren't, it literally feels like you are moving. And because it runs through Google Earth you can fly anywhere in the world, from the simulator!

Crazy technology that runs around $12 million a pop.

They had a blast going down the inflatable slide. 

These things basically explode when you pull down on the red tabs. It's pretty scary! It just shocks it full of air all at once. If I'm ever in a situation where I need them, I might go with blowing in the red tubes.
 The Flight Attendant, Misti-Dawn, was super cute.
Gordon kept asking her if she'd go out with him and when he found out she was married was asking all sorts of questions about it. So funny. She dealt with it very well.

When we went over to where the Flight Attendants buy their clothes, Gordon came over to me with the mic.
Yes, I got to be on the radio. For a whole 10 seconds.

He asked me a question about the uniforms that I obviously had no answer to. So I leaned into the microphone and said,
"I don't know, I'm just the intern!"
They thought it was pretty funny. Someone told him to go over to the lady in charge and ask her the question and he said,
"I wanted to talk to Lindsay!"
Or something along those lines. Now it's a joke that he had a crush on me because he just wanted an excuse to talk to me.

Think of what would have happened to me if he found out I was married..that could have been fun.

After they finished, I got to go into the Flight Simulator! So awesome.

So I got my 15 seconds of fame on a popular radio station and got to pretend I was a co-pilot. Good times, right?

Luv, Lindsay

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