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Where's the baby?

Because we had no idea how far along I was when I took the pregnancy test (yay birth control) they wanted me to come in the next week for an ultrasound. I had to go to an OB orientation and then had the real appointment later in the week. It was great trying to explain to my boss why I was going to be missing work two days in one week without actually telling her why.

When we went in for the ultrasound the nurse said my body was measuring over 6 weeks pregnant...but there was no baby. Not even a faint sign of one. That's a slightly awkward moment when you think you're pregnant and then they tell you there isn't actually a baby.
Ultrasound sans baby
We went in to talk to the doctor and she went over all of the regular early pregnancy stuff and then took a look at the less-than-impressive ultrasound pictures. You could tell she was trying not to seem concerned but basically said it could go either way - maybe this was a false alarm or maybe a little someone would pop up soon. We set an appointment for three weeks later and left, slightly disappointed.

Meanwhile over those next three weeks I started not being able to eat hardly anything, both Paul and I both got sick and we moved from our little apartment to..

Our new house!

That was an exciting day. We are (mostly) loving it so far!

Now to wait and see if we actually will have to decorate a nursery...