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nights like tonight.

Happy Lemon Juice Day!

We love cooking with lemon juice. Salmon, chicken..let it soak for a few hours and BAM. You have a wonderful dish.

We stayed in bed until around 11 today. Typically that would never happen in our house - I can hardly ever stay in bed that long. But it was relaxing and lovely. After some pancakes and Netflix I had a job interview for a job I don't think I want. They could probably tell in the interview.

It is really frustrating not being able to find something you want to do but going crazy not having something to do. Still pushing through!

Guess what. My dad is the coolest. He is at the Republican Convention right now and he was on TV! They showed him like 5 different times and didn't say anything about him but he's the speech writer/coach guy. What a rock star.

Click here to see it (he shows up around 1:00)

We had some birthday certificates from the beginning of the month so we got Benihana for both of us for around $9.

What a steal! And then buy one get one free Cold Stone. What a wonderful night of food.

Now we just have Friends and America's Got Talent to top it all off.

I love nights like tonight with just me and my hubby!

Luv, Lindsay


not a fan.

Happy National Bow Tie Day!

In our second married ward at BYU there were a lot of guys who wore bow ties. I had never seen that many people wear that many bow ties in one place. And every week, I told Paul my opinion about it.

I'm not a fan.

We didn't have bow ties at our wedding and Paul isn't allowed to own one. I don't know what it is but I just think they look a little goofy and juvenile. I think there are some very nice, classy outfits where a bow tie is acceptable but for the most part, no. And if it's colored, I probably won't like it.

But that's just my opinion. And some guys can pull off the look. I'm not a hater, just not a fan.

Last year on the last Tuesday in August, I went through the Temple for the first time.
(Have a question about Temples? Click here.)

Honestly, my first experience going through the Temple was not a great one. And for a long time, I didn't want to go back. It wasn't the Temple itself by any means, just the situations surrounding the experience and the before/after. It took me a while to get back and really appreciate what I was doing and why. Today Paul and I went to the Temple and it was great looking back at this past year and how much we have grown and learned since that first experience. It has been a roller coaster, but so worth it.

I love my family and the blessings that the Temple brings - we get to be together forever and ever!

Now tell me, what can beat that? I dare you to come up with something.

Luv, Lindsay


Home again.

I love the fact that now I feel like flying back to Dallas is really flying home for me. Dallas is my home! When people ask if we plan to stay here, the answer is always yes. We can't see ourselves anywhere else.

So I've been gone for a about a celebration recap?

August 18 - National Soft Ice Cream Day
We had lots of ice cream on our little vacay. Almost everyday, in fact. 

August 19 - National Potato Day
French fries, mashed potatoes, hash browns..I love it all. And had it all.

August 20 - National Lemonade Day
My father-in-law LOVES flavored lemonade. He will get it almost every time we eat out. I've started to follow his trend a little. My new favorite? Blackberry.

August 21 - National Senior Citizen Day
I love my in-laws :)

August 22 - National Be an Angel Day
My niece and nephew covered this one..most of the time ;)

August 23 - National Sponge Cake Day
August 24 - National Waffle Day
August 25 - National Banana Split Day
We actually did have Banana Splits! I'm more of a banana split without the banana type of person.

August 26 - National Dog Day
On this day, my brother-in-law's dog chased a coyote. Did I mention his dog is a chihuahua?

And today is August 27, Banana Lover's Day.

Pictures and details from California to come soon!

Luv, Lindsay


who knows?

There was a lot of discrepancy online over what today's celebration is. There are a lot of holidays that some claim to be today and others claim to be in June or October. So I just went with this one..

Happy National Men's Grooming Day!

My man stays very groomed..even when going on vacation as we are today. We are going to have a party.

Goodbye Dallas! See you in a week and a half..

Luv, Lindsay


i'm just sittin out here watchin airplanes..

I love airplanes. Actually, last Sunday might have lessened my love a tiny bit, but I still love them. Part of the reason I wanted to work at Southwest!

Happy National Airborne Day!

August 16 was the day of the first official army parachute jump. I would love to jump out of an airplane..too bad my husband would never go skydiving with me.

It's too bad this holiday wasn't tomorrow because we are going to be flying in an airplane to California! Funny thing, next week while we are gone the weather in Dallas is only supposed to be in the low 90's. Crazy.

So I will try to update while I'm gone but if you want to know what holidays are coming up, click HERE.

Luv, Lindsay



Happy National Relaxation Day!

And let me tell you..we sure relaxed.

Because of this celebration, I let my hubby sleep in as long as he wanted. That is really hard for me, especially when we're not working, because I get bored and want him to keep me entertained. But I let him sleep and I'm sure he was very grateful.

And then..we relaxed. All day.

Ate leftovers, worked on our new puzzle, watched was a very relaxing day. Got a call for an interview and made another successful dinner. Stuffed peppers. Very easy.

 Cut off the tops and take out the insides..
 Cook some rice while heating up peppers, corn, and beans..
 Add salsa...mix with rice..
 Boil peppers for 3 minutes and then fill with rice mixture..

 Bake at 350 for 20 with cheese and cook another 5 minutes..

 Top with lettuce and anything else you like and serve!

How did you relax today?

Luv, Lindsay


Home all day.

With a completed internship and no job, Paul waiting to start his internship, and 100+ weather, we have spent the last couple of days inside. Working out, watching Netflix, working on puzzles, applying for jobs, and best of all, eating!

Tonight we decided to cook something special. Partially because cooking gives me a self-confidence boost when it turns out good, something I really needed today, and because we had time and food that needs to be eaten.

So after we finished all of the animal crackers..

We started working on our feast. The menu today? Broiled salmon that was marinated in Italian dressing, grilled pineapple, and roasted asparagus with Parmesan cheese. So delicious.

Ahh so good..and I can't wait to have the rest of it tomorrow.

And for dessert..we celebrated.

Happy Creamsicle Day! Now unfortunately at our local shopping center there were no traditional orange we got chocolate. They were still amazing.

All things considered, it's been a fine day. Food always has a way of making hard days better.

Luv, Lindsay

on we go.

Do you remember my Milwaukee story from yesterday? Well today, the day after I end my internship, it was published on Nuts About Southwest and the employee website. It was a good end to the internship, but a little sad. My company email has officially been shut off and internal posting privileges are gone. I really wanted to stay with this company. I don't like to talk a lot about my disappointing stories, but I'm going to open up and share this one.
Last week I had an interview for an independent contractor position with Southwest. It was basically my last hope to stay with the company. At first I thought it wouldn't be hard to get because I didn't know of anyone else applying and the position was never posted online, I had just been contacted by the recruiter in charge for the interview. I also knew everyone that was going to be in the interview. Once I found out that one other person was interviewing, my confidence fell because I knew it had to either be another intern or a current contractor. The interview went very well, I felt so good about it. Unfortunately, this morning when I got my rejection call, I found out that the other applicant was in fact an intern who had actually already been working with the team. It was a little bit of a let down and the recruiter told me that it was really the only differentiating factor between the two of us, but I was still pretty devastated. Still am. I haven't had too many in-person interviews that I haven't been offered a job for. I guess this is just my sign that maybe Southwest isn't where I'm supposed to be. And on I go. Bigger and better things? I guess we'll see. 

Until I find whatever is next, I will keep applying everywhere and taking any interview I can. Don't worry, I still love Southwest. And I will jump at any opportunity to go back.

This is what I wore to that last interview - not as professional as I would usually go but being at Southwest, a current employee, and knowing everyone in there, I thought it was still appropriate and fun. I wouldn't recommend wearing this to an interview with an accounting firm or bank.

Paul and I love puzzles. We just finished our 6th one!

Isn't it pretty? It was Paul's birthday present.

He is so good at puzzles. I mostly just do it so I can hang out with him! And I enjoy it, I'm just not the most patient.

It's a blurry picture, but we're basically in love. He's what keeps me going when I'm disappointed, the one who holds me when I cry, the one who calms me when I'm mad, and kisses me whenever I want. He's what's going to get me through to finding a job!

On we go.

Luv, Lindsay


Planes planes and three more planes

Travel to Australia aside, I have never been in the air as long as I was yesterday. More air time than traveling to England, my friends. My awesome cube-mate, Carrie, and I flew from Dallas to Kansas City to Milwaukee. Here's the story of Milwaukee from the write-up..

Here at Southwest, we do things a little differently. And we are SO okay with it. This past weekend was filled with inaugural flights and new adventures and included a little celebrating. When our Los Angeles bound Milwaukee passengers woke up this morning, they had no idea what they were in for. They were each greeted on the plane with a glammed-out necklace and a “Welcome to the first non-stop flight from Milwaukee to LA!”  Streamers and stars lined the plane, giving a Hollywood feel. 
We were thrilled with the pleasantly surprised look on everyone’s faces and most gladly participated, wearing their necklace on our journey. Flight attendants did not fail to make sure everyone knew how special they were being on this kick-off flight. 

Four hour flights can feel so long sometimes, but we helped pass the time with sunglasses, movie trivia, and, of course, lots of Southwest style prizes. By pushing their call buttons, passengers became contestants, winning inflatable planes, bag tags, and movie award replicas. The response and participation made the experience fun and gave our flyers a little taste of Hollywood. It may have been a little unconventional as far as airlines go, but that’s the way we like it.

Welcome to Hollywood.

6 am to 11:30 pm. That's a lot of airport and flying time! Especially the flying time since we didn't change planes all the way from Dallas to Kansas City to Milwaukee to LAX..woo! Travel time according to Southwest = 12 hours and 40 minutes. Plus a delay. But it was so worth it and an amazing way to spend our last full day as interns.

Today at work we had to turn in our cards and our time sheets and say goodbye to our wonderful summer at Southwest Airlines. I still can't believe it's over. I'm going to miss everyone I got to work with. Hoping I get better at keeping in touch to keep those friendships going.

The only things I ate today were airplane snacks and California Pizza Kitchen - I love CPK.
Yes, it's airport food, but doesn't this look delicious?

And you know you have good flight attendants when they give you the whole can.
Then your DP doesn't get all watered-down :)

Happy Left Handed Day. I'm enjoying my time as a righty.

Job search intensifies. Now.

Luv, Lindsay


Happy International Youth Day!

I'm gone all day long so enjoy this blurb on this special day from

Today is International Youth Day! The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about the state of young people around the globe. It is our opportunity to think about the different problems that the youth of today face, such as malnutrition and disease, and to work together to find solutions. Together, we can make a difference. 
In 1999, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated August 12th as International Youth Day. The hope was that people would organize activities on this day that would educate the public about issues that involve youth. The assembly also wanted to promote the World Programme of Action for Youth, which is dedicated to finding solutions to these situations. 
Today, check out the events in your neighborhood that are dedicated to this cause.

I'll fill you in on today later.

Luv, Lindsay



Thank you, Holiday Insights, for the info I got on this holiday:

Presidential Joke Day - presidents have a sense of humor, too.  Many people believe this is a day to make jokes about the president. On the contrary, this day is for presidents to make a joke. On this day in 1984, President Ronald Reagan made a doozie.
On August 11, 1984, just before his regular Saturday radio address, President Ronald Reagan was doing a voice test with the microphone. He thought the microphone and the feed was not live. He joked into the microphone: "My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes." To his surprise, he was speaking to a live feed!
This incident led to the creation of "Presidential Joke Day". However, we do not think American presidents will make it a habit to perform jokes on, or to, the American public on this day, or any other.

Happy Presidential Joke Day!

Luv, Lindsay



I don't get sick very often. But I am sick today. My last real day at the Southwest office and I have to come home early because I feel so awful. Not the greatest. Luckily I'm going back in on Monday. I couldn't tell you the last time I took cold medicine, and I just took some. Not a good feeling, my friends.

On the bright side, today is National S'mores Day! So yummy.

The best place to eat S'mores is Priest Lake. No question.

And I got to talk to my BFF Bethany today! Love those chats.

The NyQuil is taking over..time for bed.


it's a texture thing.

Happy National Rice Pudding Day!

Now, I don't actually like rice pudding. It's one of those texture things that I'm weird about. Grits, tapioca, oatmeal, rice pudding..all the same. No bueno. So we just pretended like it was just rice day, even though there is one of those, and had Hawaiian haystacks for dinner. One of my favorite meals. I just love how many different things you can put on them and they still taste delicious.

Good news - my car is now all Texan! We finally got the front plate off and replaced it with the Texas one..hoping it doesn't fall off. The screws weren't the most cooperative.

We got our official drivers' licenses today. It only took a week.

It doesn't say "under 21" on it anymore :) What a happy thing. Took almost less time to get it in the mail than standing in line. Ridiculous. Apparently they're trying to fix the line problem and it's going to take millions of dollars. Lovely.

Luv, Lindsay



Happy Zucchini Day!

I'm not the biggest zucchini fan. It's a texture thing. So I decided to try something new.

Zucchini Brownies.

I'm not the biggest fan of substitutions in recipes. They say you can't ever taste it, but I usually can. It might just be because I know it's there but I really think I can taste it. I just usually like the good, old fashioned, full fat, full calorie versions.

But here was my attempt. Thanks to Mommy I'm Hungry for the recipe.
(Pictures are mine though :) )

Frosted Zucchini Brownies 
½ cup vegetable oil (I used canola oil)
1 ½ cups white sugar
2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups all purpose flour
½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 ½ teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups zucchini (shredded)
½ cup chopped walnuts (I left out)

Chocolate Frosting-
6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
¼ cup margarine (I used butter)
2 cups confectioners sugar
½ cup milk
½ teaspoon vanilla extract 

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour a 9×13 inch baking dish. (I lined with parchment)
In a large bowl mix together oil, sugar and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract until well blended. In another bowl combine the flour, ½ cup cocoa powder, baking soda and salt. A little at a time stir into the sugar mixture. Fold in zucchini and walnuts. The batter will be dry and crumbly, don't worry. Spread the mixture evenly into the prepared baking dish.

Place into the oven and bake for 25-30 minutes until the brownies spring back when gently touched. Remove from the oven and allow them to cool.

To make the frosting- In a small saucepan over low heat melt together the cocoa powder and margarine. Set aside to cool. In a medium bowl blend confectioner’s sugar, milk, and ½ teaspoon vanilla extract. Stir in the margarine/cocoa mixture. Spread over cooled brownies and cut into squares.

 They were good, but again, I am just a fan of the regular, boring, not-trying-to-be-healthy-in-any-way brownies. But it was a good way to celebrate and feel a tiny bit better about it.

Luv, Lindsay

Graduation. Again.

Post #100! Kind of crazy.

I'm in the process of organizing all of my documents and things so everything is in order when I leave and my fellow teammates can find any documents I may have worked on for them. It's kind of sad knowing I won't be on these projects anymore.

Animal Crackers are over halfway gone. This picture was from yesterday before I had some visitors :)

My cute husband who gets to sleep in now took me to lunch today. Fuzzy's Taco Shop is cheap and delicious.

We were putting on my new license plates (yes, I have had them for over a week, don't judge) and the front one is on so tight that we couldn't get it off. So my car is going through an identity crisis and is sporting a plate from each state. That's probably super illegal.

It just doesn't want to let go of Utah I guess! Don't worry, it'll be all Texas soon. Excuse my squinty eyes - it was so bright today.

Today was the day we all graduated from the No Limits Internship Program here at Southwest Airlines. Most people are going back to school but a few fellow graduates are sticking around either as Independent Contractors or full-time employees. For some interns today was their last day and for some it's not until the end of the month. Monday will be my last day to come in. It's really weird saying goodbye. Again. I just graduated.

Sadly after all of this time I still didn't know everyone in our class. We do all work in different departments, but it still would have been nice to have known everyone.

Paul came to support me. What a great cheerleader I have :)

 We each got a cute little certificate and they read off some things about each of us. Here's what they had about me:

Lindsay Knight
Brigham Young University
Graduated April 2012
Customer Engagement Intern

Top3 internship highlights:
·         Partnership events including Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Freedom Over  Texas, 1310 The Ticket, and University of Texas Athletics
·         Radio Promotions and Sweepstakes in Atlanta, California, Boston, Dallas, and Nashville
·         Had 4 posts published on "Nuts About Southwest" about Sports Illustrated at the Majors event and Denver partnerships
Fun Fact about your Internship: I got to be on the radio, fly in the simulator, see a concert, travel, and paint-all for my internship!

They had a slideshow of intern pictures and a video of intern interviews and more pictures. It was nice and a good way to look back on the last few months.

This is Laura, my awesome manager. She made sure I had lots of fun on my internship and gave me a lot of opportunities to travel and learn about how partnerships work. You can tell she truly cares about everyone she works with and wants to see others succeed. I have never met someone so passionate about a company than Laura is about Southwest.

I graduated! Just a few more days and I will be done with my internship. I can't believe how fast it all went. I will miss it for sure.

Luv, Lindsay



Hearing "Lighthouses" by itself makes me think of that song by Vanessa Carlton, even though I have no idea how it goes besides that one word.

Happy National Lighthouse Day!

When hearing the word "Lighthouse" I will forever think of the sweatshirt my dad had all growing up that had different lighthouses all over it. Not the most stylish piece of clothing but hey, that's what the 90's were for, right? I would love to go to New England and explore lighthouses.

How beautiful is that?

I love that quote.

Today was a good day. I actually had a good number of things to keep me busy. But again, too many animal crackers. Happy Tuesday.

Luv, Lindsay

This happens to me every once in a while:


back to business

It's always hard going back to school/work after a long weekend. This weekend was no exception. I was so tired all day long. Late nights and long plane rides definitely didn't help.

I made myself sick on animal crackers..bad idea. Work is a little rough right now since my internship ends on Friday so no one wants to put me on projects I won't be around for to finish. So I'm trying to find stuff to do - anything - research, documents, organization..I hate being bored, guys. Paul is done with his internship so he gets to stay at home all day and start studying for the CPA exam. Lucky boy.

My job search still continues.

Happy Fresh Breath Day!

Funny story - I was super tired and didn't feel the greatest so Paul almost had to carry me downstairs to workout while I complained the whole time. While I was brushing my teeth I told him to come brush his and he started whining and complaining to get me back for earlier.

Me: "You gotta brush your teeth or you're gonna have bad breath!"
Paul: "You gotta work out or you're gonna get fat!"

Touche. I had nothing more to say on the matter.

He did brush his teeth, though.

Luv, Lindsay


I'm going home.

Happy Sisters' Day!

I love mine.

And not just my biological sisters. My sisters-in-law, my Bethy..I love sisters! Laughs, tears,'s all good. And I hardly ever get to see them so seeing a few of them this week and a few of them next week is just perfect!

I left for the airport at 7 am. Got home around 7:30 pm. Long day of travel. But there were some positives! After changing my whole route, I flew to Phoenix and from Phoenix..

Got to ride on one of the new 737-800's! These are big, beautiful planes my friends.
But it takes a long time to get on and off.

We had to wait a while to fly from Houston to Dallas but finally made it home.

To my hubby.

There isn't anything quite like coming home to your husband after being away for a little while. It gives me butterflies when I think about seeing him again. 

Good times.

Luv, Lindsay


Happy Days.

I love hanging out with the fam. We watched Olympics and jumped on the tramp and talked and ate and awww I just love them. It's kinda sad that I'm not around them but it makes seeing them that much better. Here's to hoping I can see them over Christmas! It's crazy to think that this wasn't even the longest I'd gone without seeing them - Disney was still longer!

But there really isn't anything quite like watching Olympics with the family. Favorite.

I asked Paul to send me a picture of himself and he did.

Can't wait to be with him on the beach in a couple weeks! What a good-looking guy..

Luv, Lindsay

P.S. Happy Birthday Mr. President.

And that's all I have to say on the matter.


Move Along

(This post is from August 3..for some reason it didn't actually get published..)

I have this thing where I'm really paranoid about using the same blog post title twice. Not  that anyone would notice..

Happy National Watermelon Day!

I love watermelon. But I am super picky about the texture. It doesn't have to be super sweet for me to like just has to have a solid, firm texture. And be cold. Good watermelon can make any day great.

After my late night chatting with Beth and Holly, I slept in until around 9 (shocking). I actually woke up at around 6 thinking I had missed my alarm but really that was just the time I usually go to work in Texas. So I went back to bed. 

We got up and got ready and got some delicious food at Zupas. More talking, catching up, and agreeing to stay caught up followed.

I love Zupas so much. And it's something you can't get in Texas so I had to!

I love this girl so very very much!

I got to attend my cousin's wedding and see a lot of family - it was so fun to see everyone! Seeing family is the greatest, and being far away makes it so much sweeter. It was especially fun since no one knew I was coming so it was a little surprise. 

In high school I was a Studentbody Officer and today there was a party for Mrs. Sheen, our adviser who is now retiring from that position. It was so good to see her. I had an awesome time in student council and Sheen taught me a lot. It was definitely a party. We had 7/10 officers there! The other 3 are still on missions. It was so fun seeing them, most of them I haven't seen since graduation over 3 years ago. I'm the only one who is out of Utah! I guess that makes sense since everyone is still in school.

It was another situation where no one knew I was coming and it was fun to see the look on their faces when I walked up. After Sheen's celebration they were having a birthday party and were kind enough to invite me! It was so much fun. We had fake margaritas (21st birthdays being celebrated - we had to go a little crazy) and birthday cake.

It was so much fun. But I have a hard time revisiting high school. It doesn't bring back a lot of happy for me. Driving around American Fork can be a little painful sometimes. It really makes me appreciate my Paul. He's so wonderful and makes me so happy. This is definitely the best chapter of my life, and it's only getting better from here :) I'm in love.

Luv, Lindsay