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Do you remember my Milwaukee story from yesterday? Well today, the day after I end my internship, it was published on Nuts About Southwest and the employee website. It was a good end to the internship, but a little sad. My company email has officially been shut off and internal posting privileges are gone. I really wanted to stay with this company. I don't like to talk a lot about my disappointing stories, but I'm going to open up and share this one.
Last week I had an interview for an independent contractor position with Southwest. It was basically my last hope to stay with the company. At first I thought it wouldn't be hard to get because I didn't know of anyone else applying and the position was never posted online, I had just been contacted by the recruiter in charge for the interview. I also knew everyone that was going to be in the interview. Once I found out that one other person was interviewing, my confidence fell because I knew it had to either be another intern or a current contractor. The interview went very well, I felt so good about it. Unfortunately, this morning when I got my rejection call, I found out that the other applicant was in fact an intern who had actually already been working with the team. It was a little bit of a let down and the recruiter told me that it was really the only differentiating factor between the two of us, but I was still pretty devastated. Still am. I haven't had too many in-person interviews that I haven't been offered a job for. I guess this is just my sign that maybe Southwest isn't where I'm supposed to be. And on I go. Bigger and better things? I guess we'll see. 

Until I find whatever is next, I will keep applying everywhere and taking any interview I can. Don't worry, I still love Southwest. And I will jump at any opportunity to go back.

This is what I wore to that last interview - not as professional as I would usually go but being at Southwest, a current employee, and knowing everyone in there, I thought it was still appropriate and fun. I wouldn't recommend wearing this to an interview with an accounting firm or bank.

Paul and I love puzzles. We just finished our 6th one!

Isn't it pretty? It was Paul's birthday present.

He is so good at puzzles. I mostly just do it so I can hang out with him! And I enjoy it, I'm just not the most patient.

It's a blurry picture, but we're basically in love. He's what keeps me going when I'm disappointed, the one who holds me when I cry, the one who calms me when I'm mad, and kisses me whenever I want. He's what's going to get me through to finding a job!

On we go.

Luv, Lindsay

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