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Happy National Relaxation Day!

And let me tell you..we sure relaxed.

Because of this celebration, I let my hubby sleep in as long as he wanted. That is really hard for me, especially when we're not working, because I get bored and want him to keep me entertained. But I let him sleep and I'm sure he was very grateful.

And then..we relaxed. All day.

Ate leftovers, worked on our new puzzle, watched was a very relaxing day. Got a call for an interview and made another successful dinner. Stuffed peppers. Very easy.

 Cut off the tops and take out the insides..
 Cook some rice while heating up peppers, corn, and beans..
 Add salsa...mix with rice..
 Boil peppers for 3 minutes and then fill with rice mixture..

 Bake at 350 for 20 with cheese and cook another 5 minutes..

 Top with lettuce and anything else you like and serve!

How did you relax today?

Luv, Lindsay

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