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I'm going home.

Happy Sisters' Day!

I love mine.

And not just my biological sisters. My sisters-in-law, my Bethy..I love sisters! Laughs, tears,'s all good. And I hardly ever get to see them so seeing a few of them this week and a few of them next week is just perfect!

I left for the airport at 7 am. Got home around 7:30 pm. Long day of travel. But there were some positives! After changing my whole route, I flew to Phoenix and from Phoenix..

Got to ride on one of the new 737-800's! These are big, beautiful planes my friends.
But it takes a long time to get on and off.

We had to wait a while to fly from Houston to Dallas but finally made it home.

To my hubby.

There isn't anything quite like coming home to your husband after being away for a little while. It gives me butterflies when I think about seeing him again. 

Good times.

Luv, Lindsay

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