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I'm so excited for this . . . 

Happy Happy HAPPY SUMMER!!

I love summer.

And today is the first day of it.
It is the longest day of the year.

For those of you who live in the Arctic Circle Area, you get 24 hours of sunlight!

My friend Holly came this weekend, as I have mentioned before.

It was fun and she got to see her boy so I'm pretty sure that equals she had a good time. Takes me back to those pre-married days . . . *sigh* No, I really don't miss them. I like the drama free marriage kind of life :)

Last night we got to get filmed while eating ice cream and go out to dinner with a bunch of people for Carrie's birthday. Happy Birthday, Carrie! It was a super fun night. But guess who's tired now . . .

It's going to get real busy here real fast. So excited. I've been working out really hard this week (mostly to make up for my horrible eating habits lately . . ) and it feels good but I am SO sore! I can hardly stand up sometimes, especially if I've been sitting on the floor. Ouch!

Happy Summer, everyone. Go swimming or something.

Luv, Lindsay

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