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Ode to My Man.

First, a shout out to Fathers-in-Law.

Aren't they great? We're big fans of the concept.

Now . . onto another topic of Fathers . . or in this case . . future Fathers.

I love my Paul.

He makes me smile.

He has amazing taste. Especially in clothes and home decor. I have been wanting a big, beautiful clock for a long time and he is the one who found the perfect clock for out living room. He dresses himself so nice - he always looks so good! No, I'm not biased . . .

I love watching sports with him, even though sometimes I pretend I don't. Or I'm just too tired to enjoy it.

But I love watching his reactions. And cheering for the Thunder. And talking about how as much as Paul is a HUGE Lebron fan, he knows he will never be as good as Michael Jordan.

He loves watching this video over and over.

I like to give him a hard time about golf. When surfing the web for quotes about golf for my Southwest article I found a new favorite: "Years ago when man cursed and beat the ground with sticks it was called witchcraft. Today we call it golf." He tore through his golf glove recently.

I'm trying to get into golf . . I just get too frustrated too easily. Anyway . .

He does special things for me sometimes. Last week he came and visited me at work. He has made such a good impression on everyone he's met that they still ask about him and how he is doing.

He is from Louisville and so proud of it but doesn't talk with an accent. At all. Except he says "ya'll" again now that we're in Texas.

I am so proud of him and the great work he is doing. I love seeing him proud of when he does well in a basketball game or at work. He is good at basically everything he tries and is so supportive of other people and their successes.

We aren't huge gift people, but Paul got a Father's Day present. We will just pretend it was a surprise. ;)

 He makes me so happy. While he's not a Father yet, nor will he be any time soon, it will be fun when that day comes :)
Thanks for being silly with me and putting up with my craziness.

I love you, baby. Thanks for being my Knight in Shining Armor and making me the happiest girl.

Luv, Lindsay

P.s. That fudge I made last night? SO good.

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