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To the Races

Late night post today . . my cute friend Holly is staying with me so between that, working out, going to the temple, taking a much longer nap than expected, and going to the mall . . this got put off until later.

Last weekend was Belmont Stakes Day. Today we actually got to go and see some real horse races! Neither of us have ever seen a live horse race so it was quite the adventure. Lots of betting, lots of beer, and lots of horses. We were there with Ernst & Young for a big company event.

 E&Y had a room with lots of yummy food and the perfect spot to watch the end of the race. We went on the track but didn't last too long - Gotta love the Dallas heat!

A few people gambled and it was just so sad to see how disappointed they were when they didn't win. I think that's why I couldn't ever get myself to gamble, beliefs aside. I am way too risk-averse for betting on a horse.

It was really fun getting to know some of his fellow interns and have the whole horse race experience. Next time I want it to be at the Kentucky Derby with a nice, big, beautiful hat.

Today is National Fudge Day!

I'm definitely a fan of this one. Love chocolate. I made some fudge tonight:

It's not the prettiest because I was working really fast but it tastes quite delicious. You know the phrase "oh fudge!"? It came from when someone ruined a batch of brownies . . . but really had just made fudge instead. Not sure if that's true but I read it somewhere.

It was really fast and easy - only 3 ingredients and maybe 10 minutes.

Excited for Father's Day tomorrow and a hopefully busy week at work coming up Monday!

Luv, Lindsay

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