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First . . .

I got published! Today I had a blog post on Southwest's Nuts About Southwest blog and on the company website. It is very exciting :)

Check it out HERE.

It was definitely a highlight of my day.

What else happened today?

The marketing interns worked together to clean out the moldy, smelly, bacteria-infested fridge. There was definitely more than one thing growing in there, including a pepper that was probably one green . . . gone black. Yes, gross. Marketing department - you're welcome.

Doesn't it look good?

I got to walk around the building where all of the pilots get trained today. They have all of these simulators and pieces of airplane everywhere for different training exercises. It's really cool and we got quite the tour. Can't wait to see it all in action in July . . stay tuned :)

Today was also Southwest's 41st Birthday! Few companies know how to celebrate quick like Southwest does. While I don't participate in the alcohol part of the festivities, there is always lots of music, dancing, food, drinks, and loads of people.

Paul got to come celebrate with us after he got home from work. While talking to a few other employees and a few Mormon comments they realized that 4 out of the 6 in the circle were, in fact, Mormon. Quite a funny moment. 

So instead of taking a picture with all of us and beer . . . here is us with our lovely refreshing water.

Tomorrow is Friday! And just a hint . . wear flip flops tomorrow!!

Luv, Lindsay

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