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Happy National Waffle Iron Day!

I love waffles. So celebrating this holiday was lovely. We had waffles with the vanilla sauce I made earlier this week.

Because I've worked too many hours this week Paul was the first one to go to work this morning, that was a change! I actually only went to work for 2 hours for a meeting and turned around and came home! But I got to go to lunch with Paul and his co-workers and that was really fun. Today was his last day at the Children's Hospital - he will be going on to a new client after the 4th of July holiday.

Anyone following America's Got Talent? All I've got to say is there are some amazingly talented people on that show and they definitely chose a lot of the wrong people to head on to New York. Really unfortunate.

My eyes matched my shirt today!

Have an awesome weekend, y'all!

Luv, Lindsay

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