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Work work work . . play!

Ok . . it's more like play play play . . . work. Let's be honest. (thanks for the correction, Ahmad.)

I feel like I work a lot . . typical 40 hours a week which I haven't done since last summer . . but honestly half of the time it feels more like play here at Southwest Airlines. I'm learning to show up 5 minutes late to meetings and that I work with some very social people. It's fun but kind of hard on the part of my personality that has a really hard time being late to anything.

I know this probably isn't normal but I get so bummed when meetings get cancelled or they decide I shouldn't go because of confidentiality. : ( Meetings are always good for me because I learn so much about how things run and function and it gives me something to do away from my desk. It's a little depressing when I look at my calendar and find nothing on it for the day. So today I went to a meeting that I wasn't invited to. It was short and fun. That means I have to find random things to do . . .

What do we do? We draw picture as a cube and find excuses to walk places and fun stuff like that. Today we had the intern "Not-so-Amazing Race." It was fun. We just went to different areas of Headquarters and did trivia and relays and stuff like that.

I stole these pictures from Carrie's Facebook :)
Tuesday we celebrated National Donut Day (which I think is technically the first Friday of June. . ) so naturally we had lots of donuts. My cube-mate even won a contests for fitting 30 donut holes in his mouth. I was impressed. We have lunches and parties and all sorts of fun things. For birthdays we see car cupcakes and lots of decorations in cubes. Southwest loves to celebrate everything and it makes for lots of fun days.

Paul starts work tomorrow! While his job won't be quite as fun as mine he is so happy to be going to work. Too many days of not much to do this last month. And we don't have TV so that's not even an option.

It's been raining, which has brought the temperatures down so we aren't hitting 80. My hair isn't loving the added moisture in the air but it isn't too bad. It's kind of fun listening to the rain, thunder, and lightening.

Speaking of hair, remember that hair thing I told you I was going to try? Yeah . . it didn't really work. I think it's really cool and would probably work on someone who had less hair that wasn't so curly. Someone should try it and let me know if it works for you. It just didn't work the greatest with my hair.

That's all I have . . oh, bad news. The bugs are trying to come back. No bueno. We were starting to think they had left. Praying it won't start up again . .

Luv, Lindsay

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