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I love pockets.

I still love Southwest! While sometimes it's hard being the intern because you don't always have things to keep you busy, I love the projects I do get put on and am hoping that some of the things I've heard about getting involved with come to pass.

I know it sounds crazy but I've already started looking for a job for after my internship. I want SO BADLY to stay with Southwest but there is no I'm going to need to be prepared just in case. And I really don't want a sales job. So I'm starting now.

Paul starts at E&Y on Friday! He is very excited to not be sitting at home all day anymore. He's been great though cooking and cleaning and working out . . what a good man.

Monday was Memorial Day and we got to spend some time with my cousin again and his family. We had an awesome picnic and saw the Dallas Symphony and some sweet fireworks.

 I love fireworks so much. One of the major things I miss about working at Disney.

I bought a skirt a little while ago mostly because it was cute and light and casual. I didn't find out until I wore it (and my husband is actually the one that discovered it) that it has pockets. Guys wouldn't understand this because everything they wear has pockets, but finding a dress or skirt that has pockets is basically a miracle and would make any girl's day - am I right? It definitely made mine.

So I have curly hair. Lots of it. But it's super curly on the bottom and then fairly straight on top so I can never wear it curly unless I actually curl the whole thing or it's all uneven and different and gross. But on Thursday night I washed my hair and woke up Friday with the intent to straighten it and...
It was actually all curly!

I was very surprised. (I know I look so tired in this picture . . it was about 6 am)

I'm always looking for different ways to do my hair because it's super difficult and usually takes a long time. I just bought this new gadget and will be trying it out tomorrow. Hoping it works!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.
Most of my co-workers are enjoying their free flight benefits . . I'm hanging out with my hubby : )

Go Thunder!

Luv, Lindsay

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