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A Faint Blue Line.

It was Sunday, about time to go to church, when I decided to take a pregnancy test.

The few days before I'd had some weird changes - like I couldn't stand the smell of Paul's Pad Thai (which usually doesn't bother me) and I was just not feeling quite the same. I was sore and tired and just not myself. So we bought a test and Sunday, October 20, I took it.

There it was. The faint blue line. I convinced myself the test was broken but spent a lot of hours that day searching the answers to different pregnancy questions.

After a workout and getting ready for work the next day, I ran to Kroger to get another one.

Another positive.

Yes, I'm pregnant. No idea how far along, and no one knows.

I'm experiencing a surprising lack of emotion about the news - I'm excited though.

Proud future daddy

It's really light, but it's there.

This is possibly the first picture taken of pregnant me.