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Happy Bagelfest!

I love bagels. Einstein Bros. are the best. It makes my day when they have them at work. 

Unfortunately, they  weren't close enough for me to make a run this morning. So I just got the cheap grocery store ones. They were fine. My other favorite bagels are from Costco.

It was a good morning, though. Yummy! 

Get this - Bagelfest is actually a FESTival in Illinois. They go crazy for this. The festival was last week I believe. They have a Miss Bagelfest Pageant, Beautiful Baby Bagel contest, Run for the Bagel, parades, and all sorts of stuff. They love their bagels!

If you didn't get a bagel for breakfast, you should probably go get one for lunch. 

Luv, Lindsay

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  1. Hey! We had bagels for breakfast today. What a coincidence. :)


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