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One thing I have learned this week:

I am pretty good at making food that tastes delicious. Not so much at making food that looks beautiful. No matter how hard I try, it's just not meant to be. Good thing I'm not one to really care about the look of the food, just the taste of it.

A few experiments this week:


Breadsticks! Like the ones from The Pizza Factory! Thanks to Purple Chocolat Home for the recipe. Hers are beautiful. Mine are alright though. Baking is also a lot harder for me here in Dallas, probably because I'm so used to cooking in a dry climate at a high altitude. Apparently that makes a difference.


Cake Balls.

These were a challenge. I don't know how people make the perfectly smooth ones but it was definitely not the greatest experience of my life. And I'll probably never make them again.

I made them for Paul. It is his birthday tomorrow so I wanted him to have something fun to take to work to celebrate today. So I attempted to make ones that looked like basketballs. Here are some of the pictures of my adventure:

The first ones that really didn't work very well.

I started dipping half at a time and it worked so much better.

Funfetti! There are chocolate ones too.

But look how cute!

I thought this was pretty adorable.
They aren't perfectly smooth and really not the prettiest,
but for Paul, they were fine.

And I still think they're cute.

I though they were cute but like I said, I'll never try to make cute ones ever again. Way too much effort!

Luv, Lindsay

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  1. Did you use white chocolate or candy melts? Candy melts work a lot better for dipping. I add a few tablespoons of shortening when I'm melting them, and that makes the chocolate thinner. It's easier to dip in thin melted chocolate and the end result is smoother.


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