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I think it's super funny that today is

National Workaholics Day!

because, as an intern, I'm not allowed to be a workaholic. They very much don't want us to work overtime. Ever. And because I had to work yesterday on the 4th of July, they told me I can't come in to work today. Funny, huh? Luckily Paul isn't working either so we are both celebrating National Workaholics Day not working. Love it.

I actually love work. When people ask me what my hobbies are, I usually say that I really love to work. Are you a workaholic? Pretty sure that statement could help classify me as one.

Unfortunately, my time as an intern expires in a month and 4 days. And while I REALLY wish my position would turn into a full-time job, entry level marketing positions are not often found at Southwest. So in honor of today, I re-vamped my resume, sent it in to someone, and checked my Southwest email all day. From home. I just shouldn't have my work email at home because I always check it and answer it when it could totally wait until I go back into the office.



If anyone knows of any marketing jobs in Dallas..send them my way!

Luv, Lindsay

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