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Texas Fight joins Texas Flight!

While today is National Hot Dog Day, I had another celebration to participate in:

Yesterday Southwest Airlines announced its 5-year sponsorship of UT Athletics! So for at least the next 5 years, Southwest will be the Official Airline Sponsor of the Longhorns. It was quite an exciting event. Now, it meant that I once again had to be at work very early (before 5am to catch a flight to Austin) but it was definitely a party.

No, really. I did. Here's my proof from the floor of the marketing lobby:

I'll have to post the sign I put above it when it was drying..

Gary Kelly (CEO of Southwest) was there along with the director of UT Athletics, Deloss Dodds and other important people. I actually got to meet Gary as well as David Ridley, the CMO. 

We passed out lots of lanyards..I was the lucky one who got to carry them on the plane.

The reason I created the big banner in the first place was so that everyone could break through it during the announcement. And that is what happened. It was pretty sad having to run and break through my hard work (that thing took forever!) but it was worth it. We had cheerleaders, Hook'em (the Longhorns' mascot), and the UT Alumni band.

David Ridley, CMO.

Gary Kelly, CEO

Deloss Dodds, UT Athletics


This is my sign after the event..pretty sad looking.

Sometimes Southwest has in-flight concerts. How cool is that? Granger Smith (country artist who I hadn't heard of before) played on my flight home.

It was a fun day. And I ate about a million breakfast tacos. But it definitely wore me out!!

Congratulations, UT and Southwest! It's going to be a good 5 years.

Luv, Lindsay

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