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French Fries..favorite.

I love french fries.

Happy National French Fries Day!

I don't care how bad they are for you, I will always say yes to french fries. They are so good.
After spending my time at work drawing a picture today (stay's pretty legit) I met up with Paul and some of his E&Y friends for lunch. They have all basically done nothing this week at work.

We went to this place called Maple & Motor. We knew it had to be good because we got there at around 11:15 and by 11:30 the place was packed.

And even before we left, they had to stop letting people in and there was a line forming outside. It had to be good.

It was amazing. The prices weren't too different from any other higher-end burger place, but oh my goodness..the food was so good. I bet the hamburger I had was 3,400 calories and the fries were another who-knows-how-many, but I ate every bite. And it was worth every mile it will take to run/burn off.

Two of Paul's friends accidentally wore the same color today..and it happened to be lavender. Doesn't look the greatest, does it? One of the waitresses even came over and said, "I have to ask..did you plan this?" It was so funny.

Jokes were being made the entire meal. No worries.

It totally made my day to find out that someone special had eaten here..

Yes! Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! That made it even MORE worth it, if it was possible.

I would definitely recommend this place.

What an amazing way to celebrate National French Fries Day.

You remember that interview I had yesterday? Yeah, still haven't heard back. Oh well. Here's a look at what I wore:

I thought it was a fun, yet professional, interview outfit. I also ended up wearing heels instead of these shoes. Interesting day.

I'm off for a wonderful girl's weekend!! So excited. Stay tuned for the story of our adventures!

I'll miss you, Paul.

Luv, Lindsay

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