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Today's celebration is one of the more common ones.

Happy Flag Day!

Seeing / Celebrating our Nation's flag makes me think of these tapes (reminder: tapes are what came before CDs) that my sister and I used to listen to when we were little. One of them talked a lot about our country and how it works and was founded and everything. One of the songs was called "Take Your Hat Off" and is all about respecting the flag and taking your hat off when you see the flag going by. I haven't listened to it in years but occasionally we'll start talking about these tapes at family dinner and sadly, we can all still remember a lot of the words.

In 1777 the first official American flag was designated by the Second Continental Congress when they passed the Flag Resolution. There have been 27 different American flags since that time. The one we have now became official in 1960. President Woodrow Wilson declared Flag Day an official US holiday in 1916 but the flag has been celebrated since the first unofficial flag day was held in 1885.

I am very grateful to live in this country and for the flag and all that it represents. I am so thankful for those who fight to defend it everyday. 

There is more celebration news coming today so stay tuned!

Luv, Lindsay

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