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Let's Celebrate.

Everyday has at least one thing worth celebrating.

Along with the typical holidays you hear of the random things from National Pancake Day  to National Donut Day. And while there isn't really a huge reason for these days, they are still something to celebrate.

So I have decided that I am going to post everyday about a random National fill-in-the-blank day (don't worry, I'll make sure they are all legit) and celebrate. Because every day is worth celebrating.

What is today's celebration, you ask? June 8 is National Best Friend Day.

Obviously my very best friend is my cute husband, Paul. But there are plenty of holidays to celebrate that.

Bethany Richards has been my best friend since around 8/9th grade. We have been friends since 7th but super best buds since a couple years after that.

After going through all of the craziness of high school together, we lived together at BYU for 2 years. It was hard sometimes but so much fun. I definitely miss seeing her beautiful shining face everyday but now it makes the times we do see each other that much more amazing.

From concerts and Disneyland to dances and boy drama, we have been through it all together. I am hoping and praying some day we both end up at least kind of close to each other! (Baylor, right Beth? ; )

This girl makes me smile and laugh.

We are pals.

We have had so much fun over the years. We got stuck on Trolley Square once at night by ourselves. We used to eat cookie dough with spoons at the park, just because we could. We have been to Disneyland together 3 out of the 4 times I have been. Junk food was often involved in our hangouts. We love Harry Potter together and have watched every movie together at least once. Probably more. It's lovely. And I miss this girl.I love my Bethany.
You are the most talented girl I know and such an amazing example to me. You are amazing
Forever and Always. Thanks for  being my bestest friend.

And always remember . . . Love is being stupid. Together.

Luv, Lindsay


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