more about us.

our story.

I met my husband at BYU...


Yes, we are the typical BYU story.
but it's a special typical story. 

  • summer 2010: Paul moves in. Foxwood Condos.
  • august 2010: Lindsay moves in. Foxwood Condos.

Through random double dates and mutual friends, we became acquaintances. 
  • january 2011: Paul joins the ward choir. Lindsay is the pianist.
  • january: Paul starts walking Lindsay to class.
  • january 25-26: SDSU happenings bring them together.
Basketball games became the first mutual area of interest and the only time we really hung out besides walking to class and church.

  • february 2: First kiss. (great story.)
  • february 5:  First (kind of ) official date.
  • february 6: Paul meets that Mathesons.

When everyone loved him, it could only go one way..


  • April 3: Decision made.
  • April 30: He liked it so he put a ring on it.
  • May 7: Paul leaves for Europe for a month. Lindsay survives. barely.

    And finally...
    September 2, 2011

    the beginning of a happily forever after.