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Happy National Rice Pudding Day!

Now, I don't actually like rice pudding. It's one of those texture things that I'm weird about. Grits, tapioca, oatmeal, rice pudding..all the same. No bueno. So we just pretended like it was just rice day, even though there is one of those, and had Hawaiian haystacks for dinner. One of my favorite meals. I just love how many different things you can put on them and they still taste delicious.

Good news - my car is now all Texan! We finally got the front plate off and replaced it with the Texas one..hoping it doesn't fall off. The screws weren't the most cooperative.

We got our official drivers' licenses today. It only took a week.

It doesn't say "under 21" on it anymore :) What a happy thing. Took almost less time to get it in the mail than standing in line. Ridiculous. Apparently they're trying to fix the line problem and it's going to take millions of dollars. Lovely.

Luv, Lindsay

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