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nights like tonight.

Happy Lemon Juice Day!

We love cooking with lemon juice. Salmon, chicken..let it soak for a few hours and BAM. You have a wonderful dish.

We stayed in bed until around 11 today. Typically that would never happen in our house - I can hardly ever stay in bed that long. But it was relaxing and lovely. After some pancakes and Netflix I had a job interview for a job I don't think I want. They could probably tell in the interview.

It is really frustrating not being able to find something you want to do but going crazy not having something to do. Still pushing through!

Guess what. My dad is the coolest. He is at the Republican Convention right now and he was on TV! They showed him like 5 different times and didn't say anything about him but he's the speech writer/coach guy. What a rock star.

Click here to see it (he shows up around 1:00)

We had some birthday certificates from the beginning of the month so we got Benihana for both of us for around $9.

What a steal! And then buy one get one free Cold Stone. What a wonderful night of food.

Now we just have Friends and America's Got Talent to top it all off.

I love nights like tonight with just me and my hubby!

Luv, Lindsay

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