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Move Along

(This post is from August 3..for some reason it didn't actually get published..)

I have this thing where I'm really paranoid about using the same blog post title twice. Not  that anyone would notice..

Happy National Watermelon Day!

I love watermelon. But I am super picky about the texture. It doesn't have to be super sweet for me to like just has to have a solid, firm texture. And be cold. Good watermelon can make any day great.

After my late night chatting with Beth and Holly, I slept in until around 9 (shocking). I actually woke up at around 6 thinking I had missed my alarm but really that was just the time I usually go to work in Texas. So I went back to bed. 

We got up and got ready and got some delicious food at Zupas. More talking, catching up, and agreeing to stay caught up followed.

I love Zupas so much. And it's something you can't get in Texas so I had to!

I love this girl so very very much!

I got to attend my cousin's wedding and see a lot of family - it was so fun to see everyone! Seeing family is the greatest, and being far away makes it so much sweeter. It was especially fun since no one knew I was coming so it was a little surprise. 

In high school I was a Studentbody Officer and today there was a party for Mrs. Sheen, our adviser who is now retiring from that position. It was so good to see her. I had an awesome time in student council and Sheen taught me a lot. It was definitely a party. We had 7/10 officers there! The other 3 are still on missions. It was so fun seeing them, most of them I haven't seen since graduation over 3 years ago. I'm the only one who is out of Utah! I guess that makes sense since everyone is still in school.

It was another situation where no one knew I was coming and it was fun to see the look on their faces when I walked up. After Sheen's celebration they were having a birthday party and were kind enough to invite me! It was so much fun. We had fake margaritas (21st birthdays being celebrated - we had to go a little crazy) and birthday cake.

It was so much fun. But I have a hard time revisiting high school. It doesn't bring back a lot of happy for me. Driving around American Fork can be a little painful sometimes. It really makes me appreciate my Paul. He's so wonderful and makes me so happy. This is definitely the best chapter of my life, and it's only getting better from here :) I'm in love.

Luv, Lindsay


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    1. Haha no, for some reason this post didn't go through so it just barely went up. It's back from the beginning of August.


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