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i made it.

I made it back from Utah.

60 whole days away from Texas and my hubby. It was rough, to say the least.

There will be another post soon about everything campaign, but here are some of the non-work related events from Utah.

My favorite thing was hanging out with my family. I got to see Will rock his solo in the Primary Program, McKay show his skills on the snare in marching band, and hear about all of Sarah's exciting adventures working as a CNA at an Alzheimer's Home (she has a pretty rough job sometimes.) Sarah and I had some awesome laughs..goodness gracious. Love that girl. Christmas is going to be wonderful.

I got to hang out with old roommates (congrats on the engagement, Holly!) and meet some great new friends. Reconnecting with old co workers and bosses is always fun, especially when you have a lot in common. Hanging out with your best friend since junior high is always great, too. Sleepovers, Cold Stone, long talks, football game, and food make for some great memories.

These fun times definitely made the time go by faster. Here are a few pics. See some more random pictures from Utah here.

BYU Game

 Love this girl. We had some fun times over those 60 long days.

New video boards at BYU are sweet!

After all of the time I spent here last year, it totally felt like coming home.

Love my family.

And the IMG family! These guys are the best..working with them is probably what I miss most about being at BYU. So many fun times. And they are my hook up to being on the field...

Love watching from the field!


 On Halloween we had a campaign event that had a theme of boots and the logical thing to do was just be a cowgirl for Halloween, right?

 Notice the Romney/Ryan pumpkin. My talented mother carved it.

So this is campaign related but I got to go on the set of 101.5 The Eagle! Love that radio station. Definitely miss the Stubbs Show in Texas.

I had a countdown going to when my plane would arrive in Dallas. 
Heart beat going crazy at this point!

It was a busy 60 days, but I had some great fun. Stay tuned for campaign stories and pictures...

Luv, Lindsay


Surviving Year One

I am published. :)

Are you engaged, newly married, or just want some general advice on making your marriage a little better? 
Check out my article HERE. It's called Surviving Year One.

When the flowers are gone and the honeymoon ends, the real work begins. A few simple tips can help your first year of marriage be one of the best, and a solid foundation for the years to come. A foundation of hard work, understanding, and love.

I hope you enjoy it!

Luv, Lindsay