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Friday was a wonderful day.

Paul and I graduated from the Marriott School of Management. So happy.

Paul in Accounting. Me in Marketing.

Pictures to come.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I play the piano. I competed and spent long hours practicing from age 12-15. I studied with Desirae Brown and she was so patient and helped me so much in my piano goals. Up until I was 15 I thought I would major in something related to music and wanted to perform in front of thousands of people. It was on my bucket list, towards the top.

Unfortunately, I developed tendinitis when I was 15 and was forced to stop piano and let my arms heal. I figured that was it for me and the piano dream was out the window. I would never perform solo for more people than were at church on Sunday. I accepted it and enjoyed serving the smaller crowds. Business and marketing became my major and I have absolutely loved it.

A few months ago I was asked to perform at graduation on the piano. Ruth, who does an incredible job planning graduation, didn't know she was basically making my dreams come true. I had never thought about it but I was in a position now where I would be performing classical piano for thousands of people in the Marriott Center. It was hard. I could definitely feel the effects of not having played so much in a while and possibly the lasting effects of damage in my arms. I couldn't practice more than 20-30 minutes at a time. But felt so good to play again.

My performance was definitely not perfect, but I did my best. And it was a performance I could be proud of. I fulfilled a dream and checked something off of my bucket list that I never thought I would.

Thanks to everyone to helped me get to this point.


We leave for Texas tomorrow. Goodbye Provo.

Stay tuned for more about our adventures.

Luv, Lindsay



Just a few happenings this week. . .
I dyed my hair blonde.

I finished another thing of chap-stick .
I pride myself on my ability to finish almost every chap-stick I open .

I was give the award as Best Marketing Communication Marketer of the year.
Made me happy :)
I love marketing.

Three finals down, one to go.
Luckily, they are already going better than expected.

Luv, Lindsay


This is kind of old but this was our last event with IMG. . . men's volleyball game.

Lots of people came to watch and eat Marley's. Yay for corporate sponsors.

I love working in sports.

Luv, Lindsay


good fortune.

We went to PF Chang's today.
Wanna see our fortunes?

They are so relevant..and hopefully come true!
 We are moving to Texas..can someone say good fortune?

Graduation maybe?

So exciting.
Over half way done with our finals.

                                             What about packing?
                                                                                 ...haven't started  

I got an award for being the Best Communications Marketer of the Year.
That was exciting. I love marketing communications.

Leaving for Texas in a week and a day.

Luv, Lindsay


last day of class!!

Today is our last day of class as undergraduate college students.

We are extremely happy about it.
Can you tell my hair is now lots lighter?
It is.

Paul did his hair with the blow dryer this morning instead of gel. Worked pretty well.

happy last day of class!

graduation next friday.

Luv, Lindsay



Today we went and visited my family for Easter.
The Master's golf tournament has been going on since Thursday and my mom asked if I knew what all the birdies and eagles and everything meant. My reply?
"Since I was 5."

I don't know how accurate that is but I am very grateful for my dad for teaching me the basics of sports from such a young age. Especially since I am now married to a very devoted ESPN follower. In just about every sport. And he watches all the rest. With me.

And the double eagle today by Oosthuizen? Mind blown.

I am very grateful today that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am grateful for the knowledge of the atonement and that my Savior died and, most importantly, lived for me. I get to be with my family forever because of what He did for me, and for us. It was a good Easter.

And I am now a blondie. Pictures to come.

Now, to finish school.

Luv, Lindsay

we LOVE to party.

This was Paul's Easter surprise:
Filled with Cadburry eggs and Starburst jellybeans, of course.
We aren't big on the whole present thing. So this was it.

Bowling party at work on Friday.
I love these people and will really miss them.

Luv, Lindsay


Senior night was a blast...we were one number off on three different prizes for the raffle, one of them being a mountain bike. The MC made everyone stand up at the beginning of this raffle and people would sit down
 when their number wasn't called. We were on the last digit and I was screaming like a mad man, excited to see that we had about a 25% chance to win. However, we didn't win. I hate raffles!

We did get free bowling before that and Lindsay won us a Buy One Get One Free in bowling games because she was the only one who knew the original name of Mickey Mouse. She is a kid at heart when it comes to Disney.

We also won a frisbee, chapstick, a bag, and candy by playing these other games. We also tasted this new Jimmer drink and it was disgusting. Maybe it was that one flavor...

 Vocal Point is amazing.

We then topped the night off with the movie Cool Runnings. It was fun to watch that classic again. Favorite quote in the movie: "How about I draw a line down your head so  it looks like a butt?" Sanka



"Plug Me In and Turn Me On."

That is what our new XBox is saying.
Too bad we aren't opening it until Texas.
That means school and the move have to be done first.


So I know I've always done things really fast. I first realized that when my softball coach in like 3rd grade told me that someday I was going to be the fastest woman in the world. Now obviously that didn't happen.
But I was always a fast runner.
When I stopped sports for piano I always played way too fast.
I try to get through everything as fast as I can.
Homework, studying, eating, sleeping, school, etc.
All fast. 

I kind of got hit in the face with this when I got feedback from all of my classmates about my presentations that last couple of weeks. For their suggestions on improvement, almost every person put that I should slow down.
And they all put that it was because they thought I was nervous.
I wasn't nervous.
I just get excited and naturally talk very fast.

I think I should probably slow down. Moving so fast makes me very impatient. That's why I have a hard time watching movies and sitting through lectures. And reading. And cooking. And it is a big contributor to the factor that I cannot do crafts in any form. And why I want to get through school. 

I should probably stop and smell the roses. I just move too fast to see them!

Luv, Lindsay



The pictures don't do it justice. . .
there were tons of people
This was before the huge crowds got there.

This week Mr. Marriott turned 80. This is mostly special because Marriott gives lots of money to my college so we can learn all about business. So, to celebrate, hundreds of Marriott School students gathered to wish him Happy Birthday.

happy birthday, mr. marriott.
and thank you for helping fund my education.

very much appreciated.

Luv, Lindsay