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Where's the baby?

Because we had no idea how far along I was when I took the pregnancy test (yay birth control) they wanted me to come in the next week for an ultrasound. I had to go to an OB orientation and then had the real appointment later in the week. It was great trying to explain to my boss why I was going to be missing work two days in one week without actually telling her why.

When we went in for the ultrasound the nurse said my body was measuring over 6 weeks pregnant...but there was no baby. Not even a faint sign of one. That's a slightly awkward moment when you think you're pregnant and then they tell you there isn't actually a baby.
Ultrasound sans baby
We went in to talk to the doctor and she went over all of the regular early pregnancy stuff and then took a look at the less-than-impressive ultrasound pictures. You could tell she was trying not to seem concerned but basically said it could go either way - maybe this was a false alarm or maybe a little someone would pop up soon. We set an appointment for three weeks later and left, slightly disappointed.

Meanwhile over those next three weeks I started not being able to eat hardly anything, both Paul and I both got sick and we moved from our little apartment to..

Our new house!

That was an exciting day. We are (mostly) loving it so far!

Now to wait and see if we actually will have to decorate a nursery...


A Faint Blue Line.

It was Sunday, about time to go to church, when I decided to take a pregnancy test.

The few days before I'd had some weird changes - like I couldn't stand the smell of Paul's Pad Thai (which usually doesn't bother me) and I was just not feeling quite the same. I was sore and tired and just not myself. So we bought a test and Sunday, October 20, I took it.

There it was. The faint blue line. I convinced myself the test was broken but spent a lot of hours that day searching the answers to different pregnancy questions.

After a workout and getting ready for work the next day, I ran to Kroger to get another one.

Another positive.

Yes, I'm pregnant. No idea how far along, and no one knows.

I'm experiencing a surprising lack of emotion about the news - I'm excited though.

Proud future daddy

It's really light, but it's there.

This is possibly the first picture taken of pregnant me.


3 months

It has been 3 months since my last post.

This blog is really mostly for me..a journal type way to keep track of Paul and I and our adventures together. And to make sure my family knows what's up :) I guess there just hasn't been a ton to keep track of lately!

Actually there has. Thank goodness to iPhones that can keep help you keep track of everything..

I started a job at Nestle Waters North America as a Deduction Analyst (aka data entry girl.) I was really good at my job. Mostly thanks to all of the hours I spent as a child learning how to type really really fast. I worked with some awesome people and had some great fun.

Unfortunately it really wasn't the type of job I was looking for and I actually stuck around longer than I had my eye out for other opportunities basically the whole time I was there.

Here are some random pictures during my 2.5 ish months at Nestle..

Weekends in the Knight household...Lindsay is up at 7 and Paul hides until 9...if I let him get away with it.

Isn't he the cutest?
GROSS. No, this problem never went away...

 Homemade pizza happened several times. SO DELICIOUS. Still trying to find the perfect balance of flour, heat, and baking time. Trying to get it as good as mom's! Favorites? Cheese and BBQ Chicken.

We got to go to an AMAZING concert and see The Five Browns - love them. Not only are they beautiful people (inside and out) and so exremely talented...I took piano lessons with them! Desi was my teacher but I had lessons with several of them. LOVE them. Paul isn't too into classical music but even he loved it. Such an amazing night.

Plus, as friends, we got SWEET seats. Thanks, Desi :)

We've also had LOTS of Sushi...homemade and not. Always delicious. Except when I eat too much tempura and I feel like I'm going to die.

New apartment