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just some pics.

Happy Halloween! Here are some random pictures of life lately in Utah.

Campaign pictures to campaign :)

Fruit roll-ups. Delicious.

In one of my many, many places of work.

Some days just end up in slacks and flip-flops. 
Don't judge. It happens.

Red Vines keep me going some days.

One morning, this was just a necessity. 
And so worth every calorie.

I love not being part of the bouquet toss anymore.
Natalie was a beautiful bride! What a fun night.

Fortune cookies want me to be rich soon.

This boy is so grown up. Can't even believe it.
Luckily we still like to goof off.

CakeBites. So delicious.
I love how so many of these pictures involve food..and not the healthy kind..

Favorites. And yes, these pictures may have been taken at church. Oops.

Luv, Lindsay


7 days!

The election is in 7 days!

This is for everyone working on a campaign..most don't get much sleep.

Have you voted?
I did :) Because I am registered in Texas I voted by mail. This is my first time voting for President. Very exciting.

Make sure you find out where you can vote. Vote early if you can!

7 days to election day = 9 days to Texas. Almost there!

For Paul:

Luv, Lindsay

P.S. Super sweet new ad...


absence makes the heart grow fonder..

WARNING: Sappy post about missing my husband. But with a few tips on being apart..

Guess what folks..


I can't believe I've been gone for a month..and while there is only a month left..there is still a month left.

There is no one harder to be away from than your husband. Marriage has a way of heightening any feelings of longing you may have had being away from a boyfriend or fiance. So much worse.

I would suggest that you avoid, at all costs, living in a different place than your spouse. Avoid it like the plague. It's rough, my friends. My aunt gave me the advice to never live in separate houses before I got did I forget that?

Here are some things that have made the separation easier and some suggestions should you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation:
  • Talk daily. Daily communication helps you stay sane.
  • Have goals. Paul and I decided that we would work out every day. Even if I get home at 11pm, I still work out. Every day. We check up on each other and see how we are progressing. He is my motivation to keep going and no matter how the day goes, I can always have accomplished something great. 
  • Have pictures of each other on your phone or by your bed to bring a smile to your face.
  • Keep your spiritual life moving. Read your scriptures, go to church, pray. Pray for your spouse. It helps you remember all of the wonderful things about your spouse that you get to come home to.
  • Spontaneous texts. Nothing brightens my day like a sweet, spontaneous text from Paul. 
  • Don't count the days. Looking at longer periods of time helps the time seem to go by faster. Think, "only 2 home BYU games!" instead of "I have to wake up 28 more times alone...goodness gracious.."
  • Stay busy. The less idle time you have to dwell on your sorrows, the worse off you'll be. Get involved in something (politics?) and get out of the house.
  • Remember that it is totally okay to miss them! Don't let yourself get miserable but it's okay to have a few sad moments. Eventually these turn in to happy moments and butterflies thinking about seeing them again. :D
Those are just a few things I've found helpful. 

I love this boy.

Luv, Lindsay

P.S. If you haven't registered to vote, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY.


where's lindsay?...there she is!

I'm still alive! It has been a crazy month since I posted last.

About a month a go I got a phone call that was almost a joke but turned into reality. I hadn't been able to find a job in Dallas that I felt good about so I accepted this temporary Utah. Yes, my friends. I am back in Utah. I actually have been for a month now. I am working on Mayor Mia Love's Congressional Campaign until the election (November 6).

I am a member of the branding and communications team. It has been a good space for me. I'm learning a whole heap.

It has been a crazy month with a crazy month ahead, but we have made some excellent progress and things are definitely looking up coming down the home stretch.

Things I have learned from the campaign:
  1. Politics are mean.
  2. The media never sleeps, meaning those who run the campaign shouldn't either.
  3. There are more rules in campaigning than anyone could ever count.
  4. I don't think I'll be working in politics for my career.
Just to name a few. Since being here I've been able to go to a Romney fundraising lunch, seen TV interviews, live debates, been in lots of meetings, written a LOT for and on behalf of people, etc. I can't get into too many specifics but it's a whole lot of awesome. 

It has been a great experience working on this campaign and I truly believe that the principles that Mia Love stands for are ones that can help heal and propel our country forward in the best way possible. Whatever your political affiliation, get involved and make sure you vote!

I hardly told anyone I was coming because people get funny ideas when you tell them you left your husband who is working in Texas to come work in Utah..but we are still madly in love, no worries. Paul has starting his full-time work at Ernst & Young and is doing great. I definitely have it easier than he does. I'm living with my family and he's all alone. :( (Dallas friends - thank you to those who have fed and entertained him while I've been gone! Keep up the good work :D)

It's been fun having my awesome sister as a roommate and seeing my siblings succeed in their activities. It's probably the last time I'll really have that opportunity. I love my family.

Especially proud of my brother on the American Fork Drum Line! They are amazing.


I miss this guy :(

There are not too many things harder than being away from your husband..and being away for 2 months is basically torture. Good news? We are almost half way..

And I have my ticket purchased to come home November 8.

It is going to be a glorious day. And this separation will never be allowed to happen again.

Luv, Lindsay