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Happy Halloween! Here are some random pictures of life lately in Utah.

Campaign pictures to campaign :)

Fruit roll-ups. Delicious.

In one of my many, many places of work.

Some days just end up in slacks and flip-flops. 
Don't judge. It happens.

Red Vines keep me going some days.

One morning, this was just a necessity. 
And so worth every calorie.

I love not being part of the bouquet toss anymore.
Natalie was a beautiful bride! What a fun night.

Fortune cookies want me to be rich soon.

This boy is so grown up. Can't even believe it.
Luckily we still like to goof off.

CakeBites. So delicious.
I love how so many of these pictures involve food..and not the healthy kind..

Favorites. And yes, these pictures may have been taken at church. Oops.

Luv, Lindsay

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  1. Are you taking pictures during Sacrament Meeting? You're in big trouble, missy!!


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