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There it is!

Guess who decided to show up?

Yes, boys and girls, we are having a baby.

Turns out my body decided to progress faster than the actual baby and I was only about 5 weeks at the first appointment, which makes the fact that a baby wouldn't be there much more likely. At this appointment they confirmed that I was about 8 weeks along and am due around July 2. (Paul is convinced it's going to be a June baby.)

We had been getting questions from family about it due to me still being on my parents' insurance, but had told them the results from the first appointment that there was no baby to report. After this appointment we weren't quite sure what to do. I had a feeling my sister was pregnant, (I was right) and didn't want to take away any of the excitement from her announcement. We were thinking about telling everyone on Thanksgiving but decided to wait and give her first go at it. She did, in fact, make the announcement the day before Thanksgiving.

Not wanting to take away the attention and excitement from her little bundle of joy and knowing she was going to find out the gender soon as well, we decided that Christmas would be our time. Luckily we don't live around my family so it was much easier to keep the secret for that much longer.

The reaction was great:

Merry Christmas.

Oh, and my in-laws gave us their piano. Happy Lindsay :)