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california part 3

While in California we stayed at a beautiful home that Paul's parents are taking care of. The family that owns the house is on an international assignment so it worked out perfectly since Paul's parents are serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in this area. It's a beautiful home on some beautiful property, as you can see.

Me and my adorable golfer. He went and played at least three times while we were out there and I'm glad he had fun. He looks so great in his golfing gear.

So while the guys had their golfing time, the girls had some fun shopping time at the outlets.

We also had some time to visit the San Diego Temple.

Aren't they cute? Lora, Seth, and I married into such a good-looking family.

After the temple we had some swimming time and a BBQ.

Baby Aaron (as Jayda calls him) is so adorable. And falls asleep so fast.
The next two pictures were taken within 20 seconds of each other.

The original Knights:

We had so much fun with everyone. Almost every night we played cards.
Our favorite games? The Great Dalmuti and Euchre. 

There were some ridiculous games and I have never seen anyone laugh so hard in my entire life. Things get funny when people aren't quite paying attention and cards get dealt a certain way.
I used to hate playing Euchre. It's okay now :)

Look at these next few pictures..
How cute of a dad is he going to be someday?

He's such a good cute baby.

And here's my cute baby..he loves to sleep almost as much as Baby Aaron!

Love this little girly. 

New Fossil wallet - thanks to my sweet mother-in-law!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and we finally had to head back to LAX and fly home. To pass the time in-between our flights we went to Chili's. Have you ever had their blackberry lemonade? It's pretty incredible.

Paul colored a pepper for me:

How cute is he?
He got to meet this UFC guy, Rashad Evans, at the airport and was pretty excited. It only took him 20 minutes to ask for a picture.

Our California trip was absolutely a success. Now we're waiting for real life to start September 12.

Luv, Lindsay and Paul

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  1. Yay, I love that you documented the trip! You are so good about taking pictures. Seth and I have decided to be better about that so thanks for the inspiration :)


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