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california part 1

On Friday we left for California to visit the Knight family. 

On our flight there one of the pilots was helping the flight attendants - I thought it was so nice of him. I love Southwest Airlines :)  We also got to see Shamu One out of our window. I really want to fly on a specialty plane!

Funny story. We rode the same plane from Dallas to Houston and Houston to LA so after the first flight we moved up to the very front row. While passengers started coming on a man asked us if anyone was sitting in the aisle seat. We told him no so he put his coffee mug down next to Paul's seat and went back to find a place to put his luggage. As people came by, at least 20 of them asked if anyone was sitting there. We kept telling them all that the guy had put his mug there so we were assuming he would come back. We started getting some really weird looks when so many people had walked by and no one was in the seat. Still. Finally I looked back and the guy was no where to be found. We started getting some really dirty looks. People were assuming that we were trying to have the row to ourselves. Uh, no. We don't do that. The flight attendant came up and asked if anyone was sitting there, she probably thought the same thing, but we told her it wasn't ours so she grabbed it and threw it away. Then the second to last person got on the plane and asked if she could take the seat and we just started laughing and sure enough, she got to sit there. Everyone around us probably thought we were so rude but really, it was just the guy and his stupid coffee mug. Thanks, man. We were probably a good conversation started for the people around us. "Did you see those stupid kids in the front trying to save that seat?" Oh well, we laughed about it.

It is the first time everyone has been together since our wedding. While they are all originally from Kentucky, Paul's brother, Pete, and his family are living in California and his parents are also there serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Paul's sister, Martha, and her husband are in Utah. Over Christmas we saw Paul's parents and his brother's family. Jayda wouldn't touch me or Paul the whole trip. I got her to play with me within 10 minutes this time. Thank you, iPhone and Tangled photo app!

After visiting together on Friday night and watching "The Hunger Games" we had some good rest. and then headed out for Santa Monica Pier on Saturday morning. It was lovely!

 Martha and Seth - they got married just a few months before us.

Weather was perfect, everything was beautiful.

Look at that manly face.

Once upon a time when I was a senior in high school I watched the movie "Charly" with a good friend of mine named Ethan. For those of you who haven't seen "Charly," there is a lot in there about Ferris Wheels. We were talking about how I hadn't ever been on a Ferris Wheel before (yes, never had been one one) because they were always broken down. Every time I went to a theme park they either didn't have one or it was broken down. Tragedy. Anyway, I'd always wanted to go on one and he told me I probably wouldn't go on one until I was with my husband. 

Who would have thought he'd be right?

August 18, 2012. Lindsay's first experience on a Ferris Wheel. With her husband.

I loved it.

 It was such a beautiful view.

Cute little Jayda girl and her daddy.

What a cutie, right?

 I love this boy!!

 We went under the pier and it was really cool down there!

 The pool in the backyard was so much fun.
Jayda loves the pool now. 
She has two tricks she likes to show her friends. Doggie paddle and back float. 

 We never knew whether or not Uncle Paul was going to be scary or her best friend. It changed every day.

On Sunday we went to church for the blessing of Pete and Lora's baby, Aaron. It was a great experience. Can't wait until we have our little ones! (Okay, yes, I can wait. But it'll be fun in 5 or 6 or 10 years..)

Look at that cute smile. 
We were matching in pink.

Luv, Lindsay and Paul

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