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This is part 2 of our epic weekend! Find part 1 here!

After driving the 2.5 ish hours to from Philly to New York, we found a parking garage and set out. It is quite the adventure driving around that area! We got a little lost but got to see some stadiums and things on our way to the Lincoln Tunnel. No rain in New York!

 I believe this is where the Giants and Jets play.

Paul is SO excited for The Dark Knight Rises, so I had to snap this pic and send it to him:

They had ads for this movie covering walls of buildings all over the place! We are seeing it today in IMAX so hopefully it lives up to all the hype. And hopefully I actually enjoy it. I'm kind of paranoid now after the tragedy in Colorado..I can't believe that would happen. My thoughts and prayers with those suffering.

First stop? Central Park. What a beautiful place! The weather was perfect and we took a nice long stroll around.

 Such an awesome place!

We weren't hungry having eaten a lot not that long ago in Philly, but we had to try Wafels. 
We are so grateful for our awesome tour guides who knew all the best places!

I love eating places that have been featured on Food Network.
They even beat Bobby Flay on Throwdown It had to be good.

And was.
Next time I go to Central Park, I will get one.

Next stop, 5th Ave Shopping!

J. Crew was our lucky spot! I had to buy SOMETHING in New York besides food.
A very on sale shirt and skirt made it home with me :)

I love NBC! Today Show..favorite!

 I only wish I would have been there to see Kathie Lee and Hoda!
 I always wanted to go here as a little girl..
 For Paul!
 I learned that in New York and Philly you have to carry lots and lots of cash.
We had to make an ATM stop.
 We had to stop at the Southwest Porch!
#Swalife !

First Subway experience:
 On the subway we saw some very interesting people. Our favorite game was "man or woman?" Yeah, it was interesting. A very nice man with painted toenails helped us find our way.

By the end my feet were about to fall off. For some reason, right when I got off the plane in Philly on Friday night my right foot was killing me. It was so painful to walk. I figured I had just tweaked something and it would be fine when I woke up in the so much. I was kind of in agony for the entire trip but let me tell you, it was so worth it. Unfortunately my foot still hurts but not quite as much.

 My tired feet.

 We went to this bakery for some delicious treats.
So delicious!

I got the chocolate bomb! Just a big cup of chocolate.

And this could have been my favorite part.
Times Square! Advertisement Overload! Marketing capital! I loved it!!

I had so much fun, but I don't think it's a place I would ever want to live. I'm finding out that I am not the greatest in big cities. Mostly because I hate spending money and the city is very expensive, and I would go crazy trying to get around! As much as I hate driving, I would rather drive than take a taxi any day. I don't know what it is, but taxis give me anxiety like nothing else.

We got a quick 4 hours (if that) of sleep in New Jersey before heading back to the airport and back to Dallas. I had a row to myself on the flight from Newark to Houston (I think we stopped in Houston..I don't remember) and got some good sleep. Houston to Dallas wasn't as good. It was a more crowded flight and the baby behind me, as cute as he was, kept reaching over my seat and drooling. The disturbing part was that the drool seeped into the seat before I had a chance to get some napkins from the flight attendant...ew. I wonder what other fluids are hiding in those seats..

Thank you, ladies, for an AMAZING weekend! Especially Emilee and Danelle for the transportation and crazy tour guide skills.

Can't wait to go back with my hubby!

Luv, Lindsay

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