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I love ice cream more than almost anything. Which is why this is a lovely day for me.

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

It is actually national grilling AND national ice cream MONTH. Crazy. Good thing I've had tons of ice cream/desserts all month.

I just got home this morning from my weekend adventure in Philly and New York, so we went to a different ward where for one of the talks we had to wear the head sets for the translation - definitely different! 

After church and a much needed nap, we had some friends over! Jeff and Ahmad came for some dinner and games. Paul was great and made dinner. BBQ Chicken, mashed potatoes, and some veggies. He's such a great cook! No help from me. :)

Paul downloaded the Star Wars demo and they had some fun playing it.

Ahmad brought up this Einstein riddle and the boys spent some time figuring it out. Apparently only 2% of the popular can. Not sure I believe that, but here it is:

 They were so proud that they figured it out. And the funniest part was that Jeff actually guessed it right before they started working on it. I've posted their work at the very end if you want to see it..I didn't want to spoil it for anyone.

They played some more games..

And then we ate ice cream!
Happy National Ice Cream Day everyone!

Love those guys! We have some awesome friends.

Luv, Lindsay

Here's the picture of their work/answer. It's not very clear so maybe you can't read it, but..Don't read it until you try it yourself :)

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