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attendance in spirit.

Last night was a little stressful..because without TV we had no place to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Lucky for us, there was a free viewing at a movie theater not too far away from us. Olympics on a movie theater screen. Let me tell you, it doesn't get much better!

And after, we had some delicious Japanese food. 

Aw look how happy he is.
It was such a good date night!

 Today was a party too. A very productive one.
(Very sad about Michael Phelps though.)

We played tennis this morning and I actually did much better than I have before! After cleaning our apartment until it shined, Paul went and played some basketball and I made some food. I discovered that making 1/4 of my mom's roll recipe is the perfect size for a small group. We had a game night with a few other couples from our ward. We brought rolls and a delicious salad of cucumber, peppers, corn, and some dressing I made up. Yummy!

We played Apples to Apples, the most fun UNO game I've ever played (Killer UNO), and, of course, The Great Dalmuti! It makes me think of late nights at Priest Lake playing sad I missed out on that vacation. 

But we were there in spirit, as these lovely pictures show. Awww...I love you guys.

I'm hoping so bad we get to go next year!

It's been a good weekend. 

Oh, Happy Chocolate Milk Day. I had some tonight and it was lovely :)

Waiting for my crazy headache to go away! 

Luv, Lindsay

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