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too much food? nah.

You know those times when you get used to eating out a lot and get out of the groove of cooking? Yeah, we're about there. It's mostly because we get a lot of free food at events or get super busy/lazy. This week, being 4th of July and busy and different meant not much at-home food. If anyone has some good recipes to get me back into the swing of cooking, please let me know! Too much non-homemade food.

Now, this is a wonderful day.

Happy Chocolate Day!

Now, this day is not to be confused with National Chocolate Day or International Chocolate Day. Those are not in July. World Chocolate Day is on September 4 and National Chocolate Day is on October 28.

Chocolate Day, just plain old Chocolate Day, today, commemorates the day that chocolate was discovered in 1550. The start of the continental cocoa craze is traced to July 7 of that year.

To start out our chocolate celebration today, I made pancakes with a chocolate syrup. It wasn't like Hershey's syrup, but like an actual breakfast syrup, chocolate style. I don't know how to describe it. Just know it was delicious.

MMmmm.. After breakfast we went and played tennis! It was lots of fun. I haven't played since PE in junior high, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm still not that great. Hopefully we'll play more soon.

Because my hubby is a superstar, he went and played basketball after playing tennis.

What a champ. I love watching him play but boy it was hot outside!

The sun is keeping my hair nice and blonde :)

It is doing much better in the Dallas humidity than I thought it would.

Along with chocolate day, today is also National Macaroni Day!

I love macaroni and cheese. So we got to have it for dinner. And I LOVE the fake, boxed stuff, thank you very much.

Paul and I eat our Mac n Cheese very different.

Me: plain, with a fork, in a bowl.
Paul: mixed with tuna, with a spoon, in the pan.

I have to take out whatever I want before he dumps his stinky tuna in and ruins it. I guess it's his excuse to eat the rest.

To end this lovely day, we ate some more chocolate and watched "Unstoppable." I get so stressed out in movies like that.

But my Dove chocolate bar made it all better.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, y'all!

Luv, Lindsay

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  1. you are such a good little blogger! i love reading all your posts : ) you guys are so cute


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