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a happy post :)

The Knights have some exciting news...

No, we're not pregnant. People need to stop assuming that every time I say there's something exciting to tell that I'm pregnant...oh wait..that's what it usually means..

Again, no, not pregnant. :)

Paul has a job! A real, grown-up, post-graduation job! That pays you with real money!

It's an exciting thing.

He will start as a full-time employee of Ernst & Young in September and be an auditor with clients and everything! We got to go out and celebrate last night at El Fenix with the other E&Y Interns. Some of them are still waiting to have their full-time interviews. Most of them have at least another year of school left though.We get to start right away!

A small part of the reason I applied to Business School in the first place was the fact that I love suits. Love suits. Dressing up in general. Paul loves shorts and t-shirts. Well guess what? Now he gets to wear the nice clothes and I am wearing the shorts and t-shirts to work. A little backwards.

My job status is currently pending..stay tuned...

Happy Opening Ceremonies Day :)

Can't wait to see the ceremonies - but without TV I'm mostly just hoping we can find somewhere to watch it!

Luv, Lindsay

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