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Happy Personal Chef Day!

I wish I had a personal chef sometimes..then my dinner wouldn't look like this:

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some grilled cheese. But not when I make it simply because we have absolutely nothing left in our apartment. I think a shopping trip is necessary tomorrow. I really don't even want a personal chef..if someone would just make the trip to the store and tell me what to make I would gladly cook every day. I always wondered why mom always asked for I get it. Thinking of meals everyday is hard!

Today at work I painted. Almost the entire day.

Yeah, my internship is kind of cool. But what I colored is a secret until next week! It's pretty exciting.

My foot hurts. It's hurt ever since I got off the plane in Philly. Hopefully it stops soon. But I still worked out today! Arms, abs, and stationary bike. I need to get back into my healthy eating/working out habits. Any suggestions?

Happy Monday, everyone. It's going to be a crazy week.

Luv, Lindsay

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