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Happy Birthday to my sweetheart..He's a whopping 24 years old today!

I love this guy so very much.

He puts up with me when I decide to be crazy and holds me whenever I want him to (almost).

He got some golf shoes for his birthday and a glow-in-the-dark puzzle for his birthday.

He got to play his favorite sport, basketball, with some friends and go out for lunch today. Then it was us time! We went to Medieval Times for an awesome Knight-filled evening. I thought it was appropriate. And last night we saw The Dark Knight Rises so our whole weekend was just all about the Knights! Gotta love it.

There is a Knight in the background, if you couldn't see it.

My big head wouldn't fit in the crown..

My Knight in Shining Armor. 
I love my last name.

We were on the red team.
So we cheered for the Red Knight.
Best one!

The horses were so pretty!

Yeah Red Knight!

The King and the Princess

The food was really really good
But you had to eat it all with your hands!
No utensils here.

They had different competitions from jousting to sword fighting.

The Red Knight threw me a flower!

The Red Knight won the tournament, of course!

 It was such a fun evening!

I love you so much, sweety! You make me so very happy and do so much for me!
I hope you had a fun birthday and can't wait for the many more we will celebrate together!

Luv, Lindsay

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