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4 am

I'm sitting here in the Flight Operations building at Southwest Airlines. And it's 4am.

Why, you ask?

Because I'm the intern. And the interns get to come to work at 3:30 am when no one else wants to but we have to escort our guests.

1310 The Ticket is broadcasting it's morning show here from the Flight Ops building. This is where they have the simulators and flight attendant safety training. It's a really cool building and should be a fun morning, watching them broadcast live and participate in the different activities. There will be more about this later today or tomorrow.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I discovered that my Bosch mixer, my favorite thing, can shred chicken. How cool is that? I HATE shredding chicken with two forks like they usually recommend. And it's mostly the sound the forks make. I have the most sensitive ears when it comes to scratchy noises. I shudder and cringe when peoples' forks/knives scrape on their plates too hard. There are some pretty awesome faces involved.

Fastest shredded chicken I've ever made. Just boiled it and threw it in with a little water. Usually I don't boil chicken because it's boring and doesn't taste that great but for tacos, it was perfect. It made for a great dinner.

Highlight of yesterday:

We got to straighten Ahmad's hair!

Here's the story: Ahmad made a really silly bet. He told Carrie if she came to the gym two days in a row at 5am we could straighten his hair, or else she had to make him cookies. Yeah, 2 days. Anyone can do anything for 2 days. And she did! Way to go, Carrie! If it were me, I would have made someone do it for AT LEAST a week, probably longer!

He was super happy about the whole thing.

He does have some beautiful hair! We decided he either looks like an Indian Chief or some kind of metal rocker dude.

With the 2 straighteners it actually only took about 15 minutes to straighten it all. It wasn't perfect but this guy has some ridiculously curly/coarse hair!

Lesson learned, Ahmad? Don't make silly bets :)

Oh, and Happy Nation Caviar Day! I don't plan on eating caviar today..but for those of you who like the fancy stuff, go for it and let me know how it is! Kathie Lee and Hoda had a caviar pizza on their show a little while ago that was worth almost $1,000.

Pretty sure I wouldn't pay that much for food even if it was the best thing I had ever tasted.

Luv, Lindsay

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