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pink and denver

My apologies for not posting yesterday . . it was quite a busy one with no computer access after 10 am. But, it was National Pink Day!

I've never been a huge pink girl, more of a blue fan, but it's definitely fun to play with and wear every once in a while. It would have been nice to have yesterday be national blue day because I would have posted blue balloons to celebrate a new nephew! He's super cute. Congrats Pete and Lora!
What a cutie.
We get to meet him in August!

On Friday we got to have some fun with a few of the other couples in our ward. It was great getting to know them a little more and feel a bit more involved in the ward. There were definitely lots of laughs and lots of yummy food. Including chocolate pie - my favorite.

Saturday was my first business trip! And Paul got to come with me, which was great. I'm not sure I would've had nearly as much fun wandering around by myself. We showed up at the airport in the morning and made our way to Denver, Colorado. I cannot wait until the Wright Amendment goes away next year and Southwest can fly directly out of Love Field . . it will be a glorious day.

Back to the trip. I went to Denver to see a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater so that I could have the experience and write about it in conjunction with a concert we are doing. We are a proud sponsor of Red Rocks and this was a way to promote it. Again, so grateful Paul got to come.

 Waiting at the airport in Dallas.

 This kid was so funny. He thanked me like 10 times for letting him sit with us and sit by the window. He fell asleep with his eyes half open and mouth wide open and a little bit later he ended up sleeping on my shoulder. It was pretty cute. When I shook him awake when we landed in Denver he shot out of his seat and was so startled. So funny.

On the plane. We love flying together :)

Neither of us had ever been before.

This is right outside our hotel.
Skyline Park is where Southwest has a skating rink in the winter, basketball court in the spring, and now it's used for outdoor concerts and movies. It's on the other side of the park than I'm at in this picture. 
 After a delicious dinner with Lindsey, a that works with Red Rocks and their sponsors, we headed out to the mountains. The scenery here was incredible. 
 Like the pink shirt? I was rocking my National Pink Day attire.
 The venue doesn't fit as many people as lots of other places but with the view and scenery, any concert would be amazing here.

 Love him. Thanks for coming with me :)
 The amphitheater is literally built into the rocks. Whoever designed it is genius. 

We saw Wilco and Dr. Dog. It's not my typical listening style but just being there was amazing. I actually really liked a few of Dr. Dog's songs. Unfortunately, now my hair and clothes all smell like, well, whatever everyone in the arena was smoking. Pretty gross.

I love Southwest! Seriously, what other internship would give you this kind of experience? 
This might have been my favorite part. Southwest is a huge sponsor and has a branded theater. There are even airplane seats in it that people can hang out in and watch movies.
So many big, famous bands have played here.

It was such a fun time! Unfortunately a late night and early next morning to travel home were a little rough but we made it. Look for my blog post / contest about Red Rocks coming soon!

Luv, Lindsay

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