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Happy National FLIP-FLOP Day!

From Elementary School through my second year of college I always had many, many pairs of flip-flops. I had every color and wore them every day. When I started working at the advisement center I stopped buying them because I couldn't wear them to work and now I only have black, tan, and white. 

I hate wearing flip-flops with jeans when it's raining because then the bottom of my jeans get wet and it's so uncomfortable . . and i don't like the way they sound when they're wet. Instead of "flip-flop" it's like "squish-squash" . . . but today I had to because of this wonderful holiday. (It was pouring rain and thundering / lightening . . the whole shaBANG! - that was the thunder) It's only been around for 6 years. I'm sporting my black flip-flops today.

It was so fun having every color and being able to match every outfit with a pair of flip-flops. My best friend, Beth, is probably the queen of flip-flops. She has way more colors than I do. And she will wear flip-flops all year round. I get way too cold to do that. I even have a hard time wearing flip-flops to work in Dallas because they keep the office so freaking cold. I have two jackets at my desk. Yes, it is in the 90's outside and I'm wearing 2 jackets. 

But back to flip-flops . . the best place to get them is Old Navy. 

Isn't it beautiful?
Looking at this makes me happy.

Typically I am not the biggest Old Navy fan but it is basically the only place I will spend money on flip-flops. They are usually 2 for $5 or sometimes they have their awesome $1 flip-flop sale. Not sure if they still do that, but me and Beth definitely went there several times together to stock up. 

White flip-flops are my favorite. Unfortunately no matter how careful you are or how often you clean them, they don't stay white for more than a summer so I buy a new pair almost every year. But they look so good.

My good friend, Holly is coming to stay with me this weekend! She's definitely not coming for the sake of seeing me but she gets to stay at my house so we'll pretend that's the case. :) 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Luv, Lindsay

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