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if i only had the patience . .

I have mixed feelings about today's celebration . .

National Sewing Machine Day!

There are supposedly two of these. One in June and one in September when it was patented. We will celebrate today.

My mom is an AMAZING seamstress. And that could possibly an understatement. She is incredible. My older sister is following that trend and started sewing last year. As much as I try to convince myself that I could sew if I tried, I really just don't have the patience. I've sewed blankets, pillows, a jacket for a doll, and little things like that, but I know when it comes to fitting and measuring and everything I would struggle beyond belief to finish even one project. I just get frustrated too easily and have never enjoyed things that fall under the arts and crafts realm. But back to my amazing mother.

I am so grateful that she can sew. I am always so proud when people ask me about my cute dresses to tell them that my mom made them. What makes it even more amazing is that she can whip outfits out in no time flat. It's pretty incredible what she can come up with in little time.

Let's look at some of her fabulous work:

Homecoming skirt and belt

Senior Prom dress that doubled nicely as a princess/Cinderella Halloween Costume

Rachel's Bride's Maids' dresses
Graduation dress

The veil for my wedding.
My Bride's Maids' dresses

And so much more. She also made my dress for West Side Story, my Junior Prom dress, and probably 4 more dresses currently hanging in my closet. I loving wearing what she sews. I'd like to think that someday I will sew, but right now I don't see it happening. (I appreciate that my mom tells me I could do it and should do it . . I'm just not ready)

Until then, thank you, mother, for being so AMAZING at sewing and for providing me with wonderful dresses that everyone covets. And helping me dress myself. That's always helpful.

How about a new dress, mom? I'll pick it up in August ;)

I love you, mom! 

Luv, Lindsay


  1. i 100% agree. And will hopefully be the recipient of one those dresses again in the future! for money of course. :)


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