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I eat a lot.

So . . . today is International Picnic Day.

 I didn't go on a picnic. But I did eat food in like 50 different places today, which is kind of like picnicking. 

Ahmad and I got put in charge of getting a Southwest themed party dessert for the Marketing Department to celebrate Southwest's 41st birthday.

Aren't they cool?

But the problem . . . I went to a meeting today that had cupcakes, we had these cakes . . let's just say there was way too much food floating around the office today and now I am on a carb / sugar overload and will probably pass out the second I get home.

2 hour run, anyone?

Paul went to his first client today! He went to the Children's Hospital in the Medical District very close to where we live. I can't wait to hear how it went.

Luv, Lindsay

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