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Mmmm . . Cookies!

Happy National Peanut Butter Cookie Day!

From what I can tell, no one really knows where this day came from.

Now, I don't even really like Peanut Butter cookies. They aren't my favorite tasting, smelling, and I really don't like the texture. So I decided to try something new in order to celebrate this random holiday. I made Peanut Butter and HONEY cookies. They don't look or taste like your typical peanut butter cookie. They are much softer and sweeter because of the honey. Still not my favorite cookie, but good.

Here is the Recipe I used. I took most of them to work since Paul and I wouldn't have eaten them. I almost put a "Happy National Peanut Butter Cookie Day" sign with it but decided not to in case people thought they were gross and found out I had made then. But they all got eaten . . so that must be a pretty good sign that people at least somewhat enjoyed them. I've been bringing homemade rolls to work too since we have a ton that we need to eat.

I actually have a lot to do at work again! It's wonderful and I am so excited for the big projects I'm going to be executing in the next few weeks.

Paul is on his 3rd day at E&Y and is really enjoying not being at home all day long. Last night we went to a party they held for the new interns. It was definitely different from a Southwest party . . they both had lots of interns and plenty of food and alcohol but E&Y interns are definitely not as peppy or enthusiastic as Southwest interns. Boring accountants? Maybe. : P Or just more professional. You pick. It was a fun night and it's always great meeting more people in the area.

Have a Happy Tuesday.

Luv, Lindsay

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