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Warning: Super cheesy post below!

Just found out that along with National Fried Chicken Day (post to come shortly) it's also..

International Kissing Day!

I am so happy that I get to kiss this man for the rest of forever! But I didn't always think that. Here's the story of our first kiss..
I had spent the day at school, work, and was at a Disney campus recruiting dinner when I got a call from Paul. The basketball game was on (BYU vs. Wyoming) and he wanted to know if I wanted to watch it with him. Of course! I left the dinner as soon as I could away and changed into some sweats and headed over to apartment 206. After the game we watched "Angels and Demons." I hadn't seen it before and Paul suggested I see it. Pretty good movie. During the movie there was some casual cuddling going on, nothing too exciting. After that we just talked about ourselves and watched random YouTube videos. It was a wonderful, relaxing Wednesday night. It was getting pretty late and we decided it was probably time for bed, seeing as we both had school in the morning. So we walked towards the door and talked for another minute. I was leaning up against the wall when he started leaning in for a goodnight kiss. This totally caught me off guard. He wasn't necessarily shy but definitely not one that I would expect to go in for a kiss so soon in the game. Every first kiss before that I had known it was coming. I started to try to back up but the wall was kind of in the way. He could tell I wasn't responding in the way he would have liked, so he awkwardly laughed and started to back up. To this day, no one knows how it happened, but the next thing we knew I had pulled him in and there was the first kiss. What? Yeah, still don't know how it happened. He kissed me every day (including the next day outside of class!) from that day on until he left for Europe. And he's kissed me every day since. The End.
Cute pictures :) cute. 

And what a good kisser he is. I am such a lucky girl.
I love my Paul!

Luv, Lindsay

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