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one of those days.

Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

I would've watched a movie or read a book in honor of him if the day hadn't gone how the day went..

Aside from some stressful situations at work that aren't exactly going as planned, I had to register my car and get my driver's license because my license expires on 8/2 and in order to get a license, you have to register your car. So I left for lunch, stood in line for an hour and a half to get my registration done, and had to wait in line for my license twice because our insurance just barely expired and we haven't received our new cards yet. They wouldn't take anything that didn't have both the coverage and date on it so I had to go to state farm and get some other fancy document. Lots of driving and lots of lines.

It put my in the worst mood. Ever. I was so bugged that when I got back to headquarters and Mickey Mouse was there, I couldn't get myself to stand in yet another line to get a picture. Yes, sad. It was that bad.


I am officially..

A Texan.

After getting all of this taken care of we went and got some yummy Panda Express.

My fortune was too funny.

The day was definitely memorable, but definitely anything but lucky.

Luv, Lindsay

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