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I'm back.

No, I never really left. But back to some more interesting posts.

I apologize for the lack of content lately..It's just been one of those weeks! 

Last night we got to have some 4th of July fun at a Southwest Deck Party and then head over to The Main Event in Plano and hang out with some other Ernst & Young interns. It seems like everything exciting we do has to do with work in some way or another. Which is fine, it's always fun!

Those of you from Utah are obviously very aware of the crazy fires going on.

This is a picture taken not too far from where my cute family lives. Praying for all of the families out there being affected by the fire and please, PLEASE no one use fireworks. It's really not worth seeing them when lives and homes are at stake. The picture is pretty cool..but it makes me really sad :(

Speaking of fireworks, on a happier note, tonight Paul and I and some friends went and saw fireworks in Addison! It was a mad house with thousands of people and the ride home was a nightmare but I had such a fun time! We got some pizza and walked around to see all of the little activities they had going on and then just sat, talked, and people watched for a few hours. Some people are so funny! Like the lady furiously picking her teeth into the side view mirrors of the snow cone truck parked on the grass. Lovely.

Oh! Today was National Chocolate Wafer Day!

When I think of chocolate wafers, I always think of Kit-Kats. So we had some to celebrate.
 SWA friends!

We also got to watch a SWEET air show going on right next to us. I can't believe the things these planes do. I could have sworn one of them was going to crash into the ground..
 Paul loved it. 

Love this boy. He takes such good care of me :)
I  totally wore this same shirt on the 4th of July last year to Stadium of Fire.

And then, of course, we finished the night with some awesome fireworks and ridiculous traffic.

So much fun. But now I am so dead.

And it wasn't even the 4th of July!

Have a fun, safe one tomorrow everybody!

Luv, Lindsay

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